Sunday, December 29, 2013

Time Has Flown By

Didn't know that I was going to be gone this long but now I'm back in business.

The upstairs bathroom hasn't been touch since I've started painting due to finals, my birthday, and Christmas. I know, I know it's quite hilarious sad. Since then we have gotten a traffic jam in the half bath.
Can't wait to get that back organized!

On the other hand, I have finally gotten some inspiration for this powder room. I hate how the marble is yellow tinted and with the white vanity, no justice is served. I've came to the conclusion since I can't replace it, I might as well paint it. What color you may ask? Thinking of a dark brown/black or maybe introduce a pop of color like teal. The best way to figure something out is Photoshopping it.



Right now I'm leaning towards the first dark one but that's my safe route. I really would like to go the teal route because I think that it would be a nice pop of color. Just would have to make sure it would be darker then one on the picture since Photoshop wouldn't allow me to go darker without turning it a completely different color.

I want to go with the color that makes the floor not look so hideous since it has a lot of yellow in it. I thought of replacing the vinyl with a porcelain tile like here , or what I recently just discovered in the wee hours of the morning, vinyl planks, but I don't have the money for all that yet. A cheap and easy solution would be going with vinyl like the one here, but I don't want the same yellow spot appearing back up from the rug. I know in the end, I might as well try. The plus about the vinyl is that you have the option to grout to make it actually look like tile. WOOOOO!!!

Hopefully, I can at least paint the vanity and start bringing the room together with some accessories. It's time to complete one room in this house and be happy with it.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Brighten Up My Day Somemore

I always planned on redoing all the rooms' paint colors in the house because it felt like the flow was choppy. When I was younger it was okay because I liked all the colors, but as I got older I realized that those cooler, gray colored walls with bright pops of color, would make everything like an oasis to me. Now this is where the journey really begins.

Meet Halfy: The Half Bath

Let's not forget to add me in the picture :)
Marvelous isn't it? The red just makes you fall in love over and over again. How could you ever forget it?

Well now it is time to. I decided since I had a half of a can of paint left from painting my room I would use the same color in here. The hardest part painting in here was going behind the toilet, but two weeks ago I discovered that they had brushes to go behind toilets :(. If only Lowe's was closer, I would've known that by now. But anyhow the job got done without one of those. But luckily I bought one right before I started painting my new project which you will see sometime during the week! :)

But here's the start of it:

Looks bigger already right?? Well it's getting there. I changed the light bulbs in here to those that are more white than yellow. I love to have the bathroom bright so that I can see everything. The new lights also makes the quality of the pictures better... or is it just me? Here's the "finished" project:

I love this color in here! Just makes me feel butterflies inside instead of feeling like my eyes are bleeding on the inside. Don't get me wrong, red is not a bad color, it's just where you use it and what shade of color you are using. It also depends on how much light you get in the room.

I didn't tape anything in this room besides around the vanity which wasn't really needed because all you have to do is wipe the paint off or scrape it off. Since I'm trying to stay on a tight budget, I only use tape where I know the paint won't be able to come off easily.

While doing this project I learned there were some drawbacks: leaving the mirror up and having 9 ft ceilings downstairs.

You can still see the red from the wall on the sides of the mirror, but hopefully when I get the confidence to make a frame, like here, you won't be able to tell at all.

Now about the ceilings. I knew they were tall, but not that tall that I wouldn't be able to stand in a chair and paint the ceiling. However, my lines were much better besides when i got to around the light that had been on for a couple of hours. Let's just say some paint didn't make it to the wall. But luckily, with the help of mom, I was able to buy some white paint for the ceiling. You'll here more about that later also.

The bathroom isn't near finish, but it has already gotten a long way. Here's what I plan to do in a couple of months or year:

Give the baseboards a fresh coat of paint
Either leave the vanity white or paint it in a charcoal color to de-yellow it
Put hardwood/laminate or tile in the bathroom to get rid of those ugly vinyl floors

Not a long list at all but it will be some long and hard work. With all this done, the bathroom will pretty much look like "new."

But here's my new project that I will be finishing up this week:

I also realized I have a problem with getting too excited and painting before I take before pictures. One day that will not be the case.... one day....

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Bedroom Update: Desk Area

In order to get any work done and not be side track by the most amazing niece in the world, I needed a space of my own to concentrate and the only space in the house where I could do that is in my bedroom. Not the best place, but it will most definitely do the job since sitting in my bed all day trying to concentrate makes me want to sleep and watch TV.

I find myself purchasing a desk from Walmart, didn't want anything expensive since I was only going to be working at it occasionally.

  Mainstays Writing Table, Ebony Ash
Next on my list was finding a chair and some kind art. For this I went to Kirkland's. There were two chairs that I simple adored, but to stay away from my comfort zone i went with the green even though the blue one made my heart squeal.

Luckily I didn't pay that much for the chair since I was able to get 10% off with an app they have. I also found a picture that just spoke to me.

Sometimes I still think about the blue chair but chairs are always easy to switch out and put somewhere else in your house. Well here's a few more pictures:

(I also had to put together the chair, but at least my building skills are getting better. Just wait until I am able to have a saw in my hands.)

And here it is today:

I'm no where near where I want to be but it's a start. Here's what I plan to have done by the end of the year:
  • Get pictures to go in the frames
  • Make a mouse pad
  • Find something to fit in the big space in between the desk and picture

 If anyone have any other suggestions go ahead and leave a comment, I would love to hear what you have to say!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Painting Tricks

We all want to know the easiest ways to do everything. Why? Just because it saves a lot of time and a lot of energy that's needed elsewhere. Even though we may not know all of the short cuts, just having a few makes a huge difference! Therefore, I hope these tricks help you as much as they have helped me.

  1.  Cover paint tray with aluminum foil. This will make clean up a lot easier since all you have to do is remove the aluminum foil.
  2. Use an angle brush to get close to the baseboards and ceiling. Make sure you go slow and steady. (Even if you tape these areas there is still a chance your lines may not be straight or paint still get where you don't want it to be) .Purdy 1.5-in Synthetic Paint Brush Purdy 1.5in
  3. One of the best tricks I've learned is when you are finished using your angle brush, put it in a freezer bag and put it in the refrigerator. You can also tie up your roller brush with a plastic bag and do the same. (This will allow you to not have to keep washing out your paint brush when you are done for the day. Let the paint brush return to room temperature in the freezer bag before you start back painting).
  4. You DON'T always have to get the brand of paint that cost the most. You can always get the color matched in another brand. (For instance, my paint color is by Behr and it's called SandStone Cliff, but I decided to go with Valspar).
  5. If you aren't sure that the color of your walls will show easily through your first paint of coat, get paint with primer. (Not only does it keep the cost down for having to buy each individually, but it also makes your time painting decrease, that's ALWAYS a plus to me).
  6. Instead of painting your testers on your wall, I would find a board to paint them on. Since i figured that if I painted behind my door I wouldn't see the lines from the testers. (I'm surely happy I did because seeing those lines everyday would make me go crazy).
  7. If you do decide to tape everything, make sure you place your tape on in sections and not with one long piece of tape. Also remove tape before it finish drying so that it won't peel off the paint you just painted.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Headache

I've been wanting to redesign my bedroom for at least two years now, but I never had the courage to do so. This summer, I finally started on my journey which wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. From choosing paint color, to trying to find a bed spread (haven't been lucky to find one I like yet), and better yet, finding those picture frames and pictures to make the room feel "homier"; Can't you tell  it's making my head spin?? I guess my fear for error is reappearing. In the end, I am taking baby steps which makes everything not become so overwhelming.

 I had to view designing as a process and not something that I am going to get right on the first try, even though it would be nice to get it right in one day and never have to worry about it again (until I want to change a few things the next month). Here are a few steps I have taken in designing my room, which I have been doing for two months now (wheeww I thought it had been longer than that).

  1. Look at different room colors on Pinterest and other design sites. (Once you know what color(s) you want, go out and buy testers)
    1. Paint your testers on your wall and decide which one is best. (Or decide that you are going to wing it after none of the colors you've selected makes you want to yell YESSS!!)
  2. Buy all the material you need. (Tape, brushes, floor covering, and of course your paint; plus many more items that you feel are necessary)
  3. Wipe down walls and baseboards (I wiped my walls with just hot water and a small drop of dish detergent) Special tip:  allow for baseboards to dry before you tape or it WON'T stick.
  4. Move everything out of the room or to the middle (if room is big enough)
  5. Start Painting
I actually enjoyed painting this room which is surprising because when i helped paint my sister's room I was in a rush to get finish. Any-who, do you see how it's already lighter, looks "newer" and feels like a fresh breath of air. A simple change of paint color can transform a room to make it seem like a recent addition to your home without the price tag.

There were a lot of tricks I used to help the painting process go as well as I could, but there were also some down falls that I wished I could've looked up beforehand, but that's how we learn, trial and error. I will tell you more about this in detail in the near future. Mean while, check out the finished paint job:

A big difference it is, but I still have a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG ways to go. Wish I would've gotten more angles but I was happy just to be done and have one thing out of a million off my to-do list.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Finally Made It

I always thought about starting a blog to track my designing experience, but I never thought that I would be interested in doing so until now. I've learned a lot from other blog sites like LiveLoveDIY and Young House Love that not only gave me encouragement that I could do anything I put my mind to, but also allowed me to see that mistakes happen and it's OK to show them off here and there.
Before I get too carried away, I would like to welcome you to my site and if you have any advice I am always happy to hear see what you have to say! I know I have a long way to go but I'm determined to take my dreams and turn them into reality. Stay tuned for my recent project in the making, my bedroom. Here's a sneak peak of how it used to look.

 Lime green is splendid right?? Well after a while it can get kinda boring. Just know when I am finally satisfied, this room will look nothing how it look in these photos.