Brighten Up My Day Somemore

I always planned on redoing all the rooms' paint colors in the house because it felt like the flow was choppy. When I was younger it was okay because I liked all the colors, but as I got older I realized that those cooler, gray colored walls with bright pops of color, would make everything like an oasis to me. Now this is where the journey really begins.

Meet Halfy: The Half Bath

Let's not forget to add me in the picture :)
Marvelous isn't it? The red just makes you fall in love over and over again. How could you ever forget it?

Well now it is time to. I decided since I had a half of a can of paint left from painting my room I would use the same color in here. The hardest part painting in here was going behind the toilet, but two weeks ago I discovered that they had brushes to go behind toilets :(. If only Lowe's was closer, I would've known that by now. But anyhow the job got done without one of those. But luckily I bought one right before I started painting my new project which you will see sometime during the week! :)

But here's the start of it:

Looks bigger already right?? Well it's getting there. I changed the light bulbs in here to those that are more white than yellow. I love to have the bathroom bright so that I can see everything. The new lights also makes the quality of the pictures better... or is it just me? Here's the "finished" project:

I love this color in here! Just makes me feel butterflies inside instead of feeling like my eyes are bleeding on the inside. Don't get me wrong, red is not a bad color, it's just where you use it and what shade of color you are using. It also depends on how much light you get in the room.

I didn't tape anything in this room besides around the vanity which wasn't really needed because all you have to do is wipe the paint off or scrape it off. Since I'm trying to stay on a tight budget, I only use tape where I know the paint won't be able to come off easily.

While doing this project I learned there were some drawbacks: leaving the mirror up and having 9 ft ceilings downstairs.

You can still see the red from the wall on the sides of the mirror, but hopefully when I get the confidence to make a frame, like here, you won't be able to tell at all.

Now about the ceilings. I knew they were tall, but not that tall that I wouldn't be able to stand in a chair and paint the ceiling. However, my lines were much better besides when i got to around the light that had been on for a couple of hours. Let's just say some paint didn't make it to the wall. But luckily, with the help of mom, I was able to buy some white paint for the ceiling. You'll here more about that later also.

The bathroom isn't near finish, but it has already gotten a long way. Here's what I plan to do in a couple of months or year:

Give the baseboards a fresh coat of paint
Either leave the vanity white or paint it in a charcoal color to de-yellow it
Put hardwood/laminate or tile in the bathroom to get rid of those ugly vinyl floors

Not a long list at all but it will be some long and hard work. With all this done, the bathroom will pretty much look like "new."

But here's my new project that I will be finishing up this week:

I also realized I have a problem with getting too excited and painting before I take before pictures. One day that will not be the case.... one day....

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