The Headache

I've been wanting to redesign my bedroom for at least two years now, but I never had the courage to do so. This summer, I finally started on my journey which wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. From choosing paint color, to trying to find a bed spread (haven't been lucky to find one I like yet), and better yet, finding those picture frames and pictures to make the room feel "homier"; Can't you tell  it's making my head spin?? I guess my fear for error is reappearing. In the end, I am taking baby steps which makes everything not become so overwhelming.

 I had to view designing as a process and not something that I am going to get right on the first try, even though it would be nice to get it right in one day and never have to worry about it again (until I want to change a few things the next month). Here are a few steps I have taken in designing my room, which I have been doing for two months now (wheeww I thought it had been longer than that).

  1. Look at different room colors on Pinterest and other design sites. (Once you know what color(s) you want, go out and buy testers)
    1. Paint your testers on your wall and decide which one is best. (Or decide that you are going to wing it after none of the colors you've selected makes you want to yell YESSS!!)
  2. Buy all the material you need. (Tape, brushes, floor covering, and of course your paint; plus many more items that you feel are necessary)
  3. Wipe down walls and baseboards (I wiped my walls with just hot water and a small drop of dish detergent) Special tip:  allow for baseboards to dry before you tape or it WON'T stick.
  4. Move everything out of the room or to the middle (if room is big enough)
  5. Start Painting
I actually enjoyed painting this room which is surprising because when i helped paint my sister's room I was in a rush to get finish. Any-who, do you see how it's already lighter, looks "newer" and feels like a fresh breath of air. A simple change of paint color can transform a room to make it seem like a recent addition to your home without the price tag.

There were a lot of tricks I used to help the painting process go as well as I could, but there were also some down falls that I wished I could've looked up beforehand, but that's how we learn, trial and error. I will tell you more about this in detail in the near future. Mean while, check out the finished paint job:

A big difference it is, but I still have a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG ways to go. Wish I would've gotten more angles but I was happy just to be done and have one thing out of a million off my to-do list.

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