Sunday, December 29, 2013

Time Has Flown By

Didn't know that I was going to be gone this long but now I'm back in business.

The upstairs bathroom hasn't been touch since I've started painting due to finals, my birthday, and Christmas. I know, I know it's quite hilarious sad. Since then we have gotten a traffic jam in the half bath.
Can't wait to get that back organized!

On the other hand, I have finally gotten some inspiration for this powder room. I hate how the marble is yellow tinted and with the white vanity, no justice is served. I've came to the conclusion since I can't replace it, I might as well paint it. What color you may ask? Thinking of a dark brown/black or maybe introduce a pop of color like teal. The best way to figure something out is Photoshopping it.



Right now I'm leaning towards the first dark one but that's my safe route. I really would like to go the teal route because I think that it would be a nice pop of color. Just would have to make sure it would be darker then one on the picture since Photoshop wouldn't allow me to go darker without turning it a completely different color.

I want to go with the color that makes the floor not look so hideous since it has a lot of yellow in it. I thought of replacing the vinyl with a porcelain tile like here , or what I recently just discovered in the wee hours of the morning, vinyl planks, but I don't have the money for all that yet. A cheap and easy solution would be going with vinyl like the one here, but I don't want the same yellow spot appearing back up from the rug. I know in the end, I might as well try. The plus about the vinyl is that you have the option to grout to make it actually look like tile. WOOOOO!!!

Hopefully, I can at least paint the vanity and start bringing the room together with some accessories. It's time to complete one room in this house and be happy with it.

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