Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Fun

You would think that I would be posting about all the Christmas decorations since my favorite month is here, but our house is still not decked out yet BUT it will be soon (which means hopefully in the next week)!

Today I come to you with more organization stories. It seems like I'm trying to have everything organized before the year is out even though it is going to take more than a month to get everything under control.

Since money has been tight, I was looking for the easiest transformation without spending any money at all and the place where I seen opportunity at was back in the laundry room. You might be wondering how it got so junky? Well I don't know! When you are in the house with more than three people, you wonder how a lot of things get placed where they get placed.

Here's the horrible clutter that has piled up over the past few months since the room got an uplift:

And here's the after:

For the first cabinet I put all the cleaners at the top with the other items that hardly ever get used in the back.

On the second row there wasn't a big change, just everything got put back neater.

And the third row had the biggest transformation. If I had gotten to my camera sooner, you would have seen that it looked like a construction site. All I did was roll up the dish towels we had, folded the dish rags and placed all the mittens on top of each other. I threw away around 6 dish towels and wanted to throw away more but just in case my mom actually wanted them I saved most of them. I didn't know how little of dish rags we had but that's a good thing. The less you have, the better.

There wasn't much I could do with this cabinet. Mainly I threw away a lot of unneeded items and found out that I have a lot more bulbs then I should (two unopen boxes and three boxes of single ones for when I changed out the lights in the laundry room and bathrooms).
This is also where we keep our car washing rags if you are wondering why more rags are in this cabinet.

I didn't know what to do with the paper towels quite yet. If there was room for them I would have placed them in there, but I'm thinking they will be put in a cabinet in the kitchen or pantry whenever I get to organizing all that.

Overall, I still have a lot to do it seems. I plan on getting to the pantry next and then going back to the half bathroom to finish organizing there. I'm just still in shock at how much stuff we have that we don't even need and don't even know about until you actually start cleaning up everything.

Any of ya'll doing some much needed organization and just so happens that you waited until the end of the year like me? Have some tips or tricks that you can pass along?

You may be wondering how long it took me to finish all this. Let's just say around 1.5 hours. So this better last at least 2 months!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Organize Me, Please!

The hardest thing to do around this house is to stay organized while on a really small budget. Like $10 a month small budget. As many times as you organize an area, it ends up getting back messy or someone just decides they aren't going to put everything back the way that it was. Eventually, I want to give up or pull out all my hair  but each and every time one solution doesn't work, I am off to find another one.

I tried the free route, just organizing everything underneath the cabinet or in the pantry, but after a while, it becomes a jungle again once more stuff finds it way where it shouldn't be. For instance, take a look at our half bath storage. Almost a year ago, I organized underneath the sink once I had finished painting and it wasn't a good plan at all.

And at the beginning of last week I found myself trying to find a better solution. Adding a storage basket. What's in it? All of our shampoos and some lotion. Do I think that all of this belongs in the half bathroom? Of course I don't but when everyone uses it like it's a spa, I have no choice but to go with the flow. Here's how it looks now:

Not better at all right? Well it was somewhat better until my sister decided to purchase a new flat iron set and it ended up underneath the sink where no where else can get to the items they need.

So now I have reached my breaking point. It's time to make our half bath for guest and not be used as a storage place just because no one feels like going upstairs to do their hair or to grab some lotion. And what happens when these items get placed back where they don't belong? THROW THEM AWAY! I wish it could be that simple but I guess I will simply put them back where they were and then if they keep getting placed back in the half  bath, hide them until they get the point.

So here is my solution to this mess:

-Only thing left is first aid kit, peroxide, one set of lotion and shampoo.
-Get bins to place combs and flat irons in.
-Get a bin for tissue.

Sounds simple enough? I hope it is. Now is to get someone on board with it because the one thing I've notice is that people don't seem to handle change around here too well.

I've still have a lot of places to organize, here's a list of them all:

-Laundry Room
-Master Bathroom
-Upstairs Hallway Closet
-Under Stairs Closet

Yeah a lot to do. I will give myself until the end of next year to get everything in order! Sounds pitiful, I know! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mix Match

I've been slipping lately, but hey I'm back with a full year behind me as of October 30th. It only gets better from here!

So a few weeks ago I decided to paint my paint samples on the wall and arrange the samples in order as they appear on the wall. Well you know how something is telling you that what you did isn't a good idea and you should be smarter about the entire situation? When I get these senses I normally listen but this time I refused to. Two weeks ago, I go upstairs to find that all of my samples are out of order and out of place and it only points to one person...Zahra! I can't blame her though, she's been wanting to paint with me for the longest now.

As you can tell, I've been lazy and am just now getting around to painting my samples on the wall when I planned to have this room painted by the end of October and now November is here and already seems like it is going to fast. It's really hard to stick to a time limit when all you want to do is relax and not do anything all day.

Here are my choices though:

Carriage Wheel by Valspar

Smokey Eyes by Clark & Kensington

Smokey Eyes by Clark+Kensington

Whale Watching by Valspar

I would tell you what color I'm thinking about painting the room, if I knew exactly which one it was. So now it's time to get back to action. I'm debating if I should make another time limit for me or just go with the flow? Either way, the next time you see one of these colors, all the walls will be covered in it!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Let's Buy It

Well it's been a while for this series, but lately I've been on Trulia everyday looking at homes for rent and for sale. I just have a big dream of owning my first home and can and can not wait until that day comes in hopefully 5 years! So today I thought I should share this home with you before someone snatch it off the market:

House #6

For some reason, this house caught my eye the moment that I seen it. I don't know what it is about it yet, but I normally don't fall for houses like this.


3 Bedrooms; 2 Baths 

1401 square feet


I think what draws me to this home is because it has 2 living spaces and that is a major plus to me because at times I don't want to be sitting up in my bed watching TV just because someone is occupying the living room. It's nice to sit out of bed and not find myself getting lazier the more I'm laying it.

And while the kitchen needs a little updating, this house is ready to move in. What I really love is the hardwood floors that flows throughout the house even though they aren't the same throughout the house, that could be changed later on down the line.

Both of the bathrooms have the same colors and design on the walls. For some reason I like it. It may be because those are my favorite colors together if you can't tell from my own room

The backyard isn't that bad. Just need a little more grass and some more spice and it will be good to go.

Overall this house has a lot to offer by just the looks of it, but of course you won't know until you actually see it for yourself!

For more pictures and all that good stuff, you can see this listing here!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Girrlll, Where You Been Hiding??

Sorry to keep you guys waiting for so long, but we all need our 2 month break right??  I was thinking the same.

I didn't expect to be gone for so long but now that I'm back you should be happy!

A lot of nothing has been going on during those months. You would think that I would have completed about five rooms already, but that wasn't the case. I admit that I was not feeling like myself at all and started to not know what direction I wanted to go with things. I also had a hard time with accepting the fact that a room evolves over time and I will never have a room completed without thoroughly thinking everything out and knowing which direction to go. So now I'm back with a new way of doing things and a surprise to tell you, in the next month or so, that I've been trying my best not to tell the world.

Since this month is my one year anniversary month, YES THAT'S RIGHT this blog has been going on for almost an entire year now, I decided I should return out of the clouds sooner than I was expecting. With what to show you? Ummmmmm... I have a secret that I'm about to start on but can't spill that many beans yet. I will tell you it's inside my parents' house though. I've seen that my sense in taste has changed a lot and some spaces that I have done I wish I could redo over again. That may be happening or may not, who knows, but you will have to wait to see the entire space until the reveal but I'll give you little sneak peaks here and there!  Exciting right? I'm excited that I've learned how to keep a lot of things I'm excited about to myself!

But this is what I will tell you:

I'm thinking about changing up the scheme a bit and going dark. And when I mean dark, I'm thinking something along the lines of this color:
It's still a safe, neutral color, but this will be the first time I am painting something dark so I'm pretty ecstatic.

I'm thinking about accents of yellow and teal. I'm definite about the yellow but not sure about the teal yet, but I think it will look really good together like here:
We will see how this goes as soon as I find out what exact color I'm wanting on the walls. I guess it's time to go get some samples and pick one soon! 

Monday, July 21, 2014

A Little More Action

Not much has been going on around the house. The giveaway I won came in but it hasn't been connected yet and we recently got a Genie. Not the one you make a wish to, I wish it was, but it's from Directv. My mom and dad has been with them for 14 years now! Can we get a half off everything discount?? Right now we love it but it's only been one day. I've noticed things start to slow down once you have had it for a while. I guess it's their way of trying to get you to update to the newest system they come out with. To sum everything up, everything is way faster than what it was so that is a plus.

Other than that, I seemed to have forgotten to show you the rest of my Ikea visit. So here it is:

This is a cool sleeper sofa I seen, maybe it's just me though.

Some cheap storage with a pop of color anyone?

I'm not a big fan of brown cabinets but this one looks pretty nice to me.

Not a big fan of this kitchen. but it's still nice.

For some reason I love these vanities, but I don't like the faucets.

And here's the awesome storage it has!

I adorrrreeee youuuuuuuuu!! *Miley Cyrus singing voice*

And for some reason this kitchen stole my heart. I think it's the brick wall that does the trick since I'm not a big fan of the upper cabinets.

Not a big fan of galley kitchens but the see through cabinets made the space look bigger or maybe it's the industrial ceiling?

 Do you know what draws me here? That beautiful back splash of course!

Here's some random counter top samples that I liked enough to show you.

 I've never been a big fan of gray, but this one here melted my heart!

 And to finish this preview with a bang, my dream closet!! I don't know why but I found myself typing college instead of closet. Maybe someone is trying to tell me to go back to school??

Monday, July 14, 2014

Whatcha' Bought Us?

Last week, I ordered some things. Not a whole room full of accessories, I wish I could have though. My main focus has been the living room lately. It sucks having bare walls right now but you have to start from somewhere.

For starters, I think my mom has finally made a decision about what color scheme she wants. It took a while to get her there, but with the help of her daughter she decided on blue and green. What exact color of blue and green? That she haven't decided yet. 

One day I came home from Walmart with a canvas and as soon as she seen it she told me that it wasn't the blue that she was going for. I kind of laughed in my head. Here it is:

Right now she is saying that she want a darker blue, so hopefully I can find something that is her taste or tell her to go find it and I'll get it for her. For now, this can go either in the half bath or start making my collage wall in the stairway.

I also ordered another accessory that I knew my mom would like and of course it's from my favorite store! Kirkland's!

So where will this piece go? I'm thinking about on the right side of the furthest window or either above the fireplace whenever I get a mirror to go there.

My biggest buy last week was this:

If you can't tell what it is, I finally got a wall mount! Now the question is when it will be put up! I'm hoping that I can get it up in the next week but it depends on when I can get help. I never put up anything before with nails since I use command strips for most of my pictures and for those that require screws, they haven't been put up yet. I got this from Walmart also.

I have one more thing coming in the mail that I won! Can't let you know what it is yet but as soon as I cut the grass I'll be able to tell you with a review!

Are you making any changes in your home? Having some tough design decisions? Don't know where to start? I would love to help you!

And now we can mark off some items on our list. I've also made some changes you haven't seen yet!


Repaint frames
Remove computer desk
Mount TV (at least I got the mount, now I just have to mount it)
Add more art 
Hang curtains
New flooring (hardwood)
New Furniture

I would say this room is now at 25% finished. We still have a long ways to go.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trimming it Up

It's time for some major trim work!

I never knew how much a difference painted trim can make a room or an area until now! I think I have a new favorite thing to do. Crazy right?

A fresh coat of paint on the trim can really make the room feel more appealing. You never know how dirty something looks until you actually start to paint or wipe it down. Almost every room in this house needed a fresh coat of trim, but I was only able to get to a select few. I started in Bianca's room and then found myself all over the house.

Let's start in the stairway. Here's how the side handle looked before:

And after:

 As you can see, I still haven't finished my headboard project. One day, one day.

And here's the middle railing or half wall, whatever you would like to call it.



 I still have one more railing to do and I need to repaint the baseboards.

Moving on to our biggest transformation, Bianca's room!

Here's before: (see more before pictures here)

And After:

(I also have a new project that I'm going to be working on. It's in this picture but it's not as noticeable as you think)

I also did the baseboards in this room:

And now, let's travel to the upstairs bathroom. Here's the before of the trim:

And progess:

By the way, a few months ago I discovered that a section wasn't all the way covered on the small wall in the bathroom. How I missed it? I must was wearing my glasses, but it will get recovered soon.

I'm not quite finished up there because I decided it would be a great idea to clean my sister's blinds in the bathtub, so my focus went there. But as you can but can't really see, I still have a blind on the floor that has been drying for the past three days. I'm just too lazy to put it up yet.

I also found myself doing one wall of trim in the half bathroom.



I still have a lot of more trim to do but hopefully I will get to it Monday since that was my day I randomly decided I was going to get some things done. Hopefully next week will be a full week of post for you! Until then, Hope you enjoy your weekend! I'm in Atlanta for....

NOPE, not the blogger convention that's going on, I sure do wish, but instead I'm here for a cheerleading convention. Did I forget to mention, my hobby is competitive cheerleading. I have cheered for 10 years and coached for 7! I've also cheered in college! Here's two pics for you!!

Amazing right!! I wonder should I know update my About me section. Think I'll wait until that one year mark for my blog.