Picture Perfect

Guess what! I have new pictures for my bedroom! Can I get a woooo?

 This room is going to be one that is really going to have to evolve over time, since I'm not sure exactly what my vision is for it (I haven't even gotten a bedspread yet). What I am sure about is the pieces coming together in the end.

So of course I went to my favorite store in the whole wide world to look at some things and when I say look I mean drool over everything that I wished I had the money to buy. Luckily, this girl was able to get something!

Item #1
Item #2

The day I took them home I was trying to figure out where they would go. Here's what I was thinking:

The first picture will go over my dresser that is in between my closets.

 Don't mind the horrible jewelry box that has nothing in it. It's about that time to do some winter cleaning.

The other picture will go right above my TV.

Right now, I'm not sure if it will be too overwhelming but I need something there.

After these are hung I will only have one more wall to do and that's over my bed. I'm thinking about making an headboard like the one here,and here; I just have to find the time, or better yet, make time to do it.

Not sure what fabric I would want to go with but I was thinking something that goes along with the first picture and having a white duvet. If I don't go with a busy headboard, I would want to go with a blue or brown one with a comforter like the ones here or here. Hopefully, I will make a mood board to see what really works soon since I don't want to miss the sale on the items. Then again, rushing to make a decision just to save a couple of bucks isn't always worth it.

I think the duvet would make a wonderful pop, but the blue and brown comforter would add more color. I don't think the tan one would do much justice since the floors are a tan color and the walls are a grey tan. Well good to know I have crossed one thing off the list.

But back to pictures...

Over the bed I am thinking of getting three frames/canvases in line with each other like here.

Can't wait to see this all come together. I'm going to put a time limit on this room for Phase 1 to be by the summer. Hopefully I can stay on track!

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