Putting it Together Again

For once I feel like I am actually accomplishing something since the upstairs bathroom is somewhat complete. Here's the checklist:

The first bullet is crossed out only half way because I still need to find a few more pictures, but here are the new pictures that we got for the bathroom:

I adore them! They were on sale at Kirkland's for $10 a few months ago (more like the fall). I was hoping to get more off with the Kirkland's app (Kirkland's Spin to Win) but the odds weren't in my favor. At least I can be happy that I have something to hang up.

But to get to what you all have been waiting for, the now beautiful spa bathroom.

"Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful!" And let's see where we were a month ago.

I don't even want to remember the old anymore since I am in love with everything in this room.  Here's a source list of everything:

Shower curtain: Bed Bath & Beyond -$40
Paint: Valspar Prairie Willow in Semi-Gloss ~$40
Wall Patch Kit: $10
Picture: Kirkland's- $10
Total: $100

These little updates make everything worth it! I still plan on getting a shelf to go over the toilet, finding another picture, and paint the letter "B" we have either brown or light blue. Right now I don't mind the rugs being two different colors since we already had them, but eventually I may die the blue one brown in some spots so that the blue still comes through.

Since in this bathroom the floor and vanity is actually white, I don't mind keeping the vanity that color. I think painting it would take away from the other pops of colors.

Overall, as you can tell, I am very happy with the way this turned out and can't wait to see what else may pop up in my head for this room.

Until then, see you next time!

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