Make a Miracle Happen

I've recently been working on a room in the house that is by far one of the most difficult rooms I've ever done. Before I go into details, I'm sure you would like to know which room I am talking about.

Welcome to the world of pink. (Model: Zahra Ariana)
This is my oldest sister room and it has gone through a lot! The walls behind the bed and TV were yellow before they went back to pink. On top of that, when my mom painted the room she didn't think about wiping down the walls. 

From afar this room looks pretty good in the pictures until we get up closer.

Problem #1:
The tape was left on the ceiling when the room got painted last and paint got onto the ceiling.

Problem #2:
All the outlets weren't taken off when the room got painted either of the times.

Problem 3:
It's hard to tell in this picture if you don't know how it looks in person, but all the walls had dust particles under the paint which requires a bunch of sanding of the ENTIRE wall. (Had to do this to the TV wall also). 

Problem #4 (sneak peak of color):
Trying to become creative with the materials I had on hand, I decided that I would just cover the holes with spackle and around the outlets to try to have a smooth surface. Let's just say it didn't work out as planned when it comes to the outlets.

It's a good thing that I just did one outlet first to test it out. This is the beauty of it, I didn't get a picture of it when it got worst. Just imagine layers and layers of paint coming off the wall to where you see the pink in the middle of the yellow (the original wall color). Well when we got to the bottom of the outlet, the wall went with it. I literally had my head in a hole and not wanting to come out.

As you can tell I'm not of to an easy start, but that doesn't mean that I won't come out on top. Luckily, I don't get stressed out when problems keep arising because I know in the end everything will come out the way it is supposed to.

But let's get away from these problems. Let's talk about wall color!

Here's the lucky winner from about 50 selections. It is called Silver Screen by Behr. The picture does not give it justice since it looks a lot darker. At first, I wasn't too sure about it because I'm so used to everything being dark. Once I started putting it on the wall and  it dried, I fell in love!

The room is coming along great though, if you are wondering why it is taking so long. I have just a small part of the bed wall left and the entire TV wall then it will be 1/4 complete. What's left to be done after that? Well I'll let you know when reveal day comes and that should be soon! I ran out of paint so back to Home Depot I go. Hopefully I will get done with it tonight and I just may have a reveal for you Thursday morning or Friday morning. I'm not making any promises, but until then stay tuned!

I'm also making some changes to the website. Project section is complete for now, since I only have one project, but there is a lot more to come. The home tour section is on my list to finish!

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