The Wait is OVER!

So about a couple of weeks ago I decided to tackle the master bathroom and bedroom at once. As you can tell, that didn't go as planned.

A month ago, here is how the room looked.

Sorry for the horrible pictures, but due to a hoarder my mother I had to hide some a lot junk.

I didn't start on the room until a week after the bathroom update or maybe later since we had an ice storm but enough with the excuses; here's the final result.

Feels and looks nice doesn't it?

This time I used Behr and I liked the coverage a lot better than Valspar even though the price was $9 more. It took two cans for this room which brings the total for paint to ~$63.

Still have a lot more to do (accessories, bed spread, furniture),but hopefully it will get taken care of before the summer.

Next room in the house is either the living room or my older sister's room, I should have a decision by the end of the week.

I promise that I won't stay away for too long again :)!

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