Look Up at Me Now

So a couple of weeks ago I started on the ceiling in Bianca's room, let's just say it's coming along. I didn't know how time consuming it would be but lesson learned. Here's the progress that we made:

We went from hideous to I think I can stand this room a little now.

To boy, I never knew how much more wonderful a room could get:

I pretty much used the angle brush to go over everything after i tried using the smallest brush ever so that I wouldn't have to make any touch ups. Well if I was smarter I would've realize the angle brush was the answer to all of my worries. I didn't end up finding that out until I wanted the process to go much faster. In end, I still had to do the entire trim line where the ceiling and wall meet which didn't take as much time at all.

With the air not coming on much, I found myself about to die, but I managed to push through it as you can see. I'm happy with how it turned out, even though it's not a complete match, over time it will start to blend as it gets older. The only way I was ever going to have a complete match is if I painted the entire ceiling over and that was a NO NO! We'll save the project when I decide to paint a ceiling an entirely different color.

Be on the look out for some interesting stuff happening in the house, it's going to be loads of fun! If you think you know what room is next leave a comment below!

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