Oooo JoAnn

So I recently went into JoAnn's for the first time and must I say I was in heaven. The reason you may ask... Well I need a headboard for this dead spot on my wall.

But who has money to go buy a headboard? Not I, so it's time for some DIY! My old bed frame is no longer being used and the poles can come off. I thought long and hard about this so I'm hoping it will work better than finding some cardboard or plywood and cutting it into the shape that I need for the headboard. If you don't know how my old bed looked here it is:

I'll just be using the part that has all the hearts and not the poles. 

Sounds so simple and easy right? Well I hope so. Back to JoAnn's. I went there to look for some fabric to cover the headboard and while there I got mad about the decision I made with my bedspread. Yep, I am on the verge of wishing I went with the white one since it is so easy to find something that matches to it. But here are some of the fabrics that stuck out to me... and the lovely model.

This is my favorite one. If only I had the white bead spread I would've picked it up that day and never turned back.

And to go wild, here's one I may have done with the white also.

I also like the one in the middle with the blue and gray the most out of all of these.

The one I liked the most is the second one (diamond-like).

But of course none of these match my bedspread so I'm going for a simple color, all brown. How boring... I know, but when ever I decide to cough up some change to get a white bead spread, it will have to do. I'm thinking of a brown, beige, or a dark green headboard but I'm still thinking very hard about it.

I know that my dilemma is going to be making everything smooth and not allowing the batting to fall through and getting it to stay in one place. Right now i'm going towards the duct tape route since staples won't be able to go into the headboard. Hopefully, when I do this project it will all work out the way I vision it in my head. I'll put the deadline for the end of the May, but if I don't make it don't hold it against me it will at least get done!

Here is what the final result should look similar to:

Let's all pray that it looks this good!

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