So out of the many bedspreads I had showed you all a few weeks ago.. only one can win. Let's just say that I was in love with almost all of them but it wasn't up to me in the end. So let's just say it's purple! Could you have guessed that from the post title? If not, it's OK!

But on another note, I've been really lazy lately or the better saying is busy. Moving up in the world is not easy but learning to manage everything at once will eventually come to me. On to more details though.

I really don't want to tell you which one, because I want it to be a secret until the room is almost done, but I can't do that to you. So the winner is option E!

I can tell you that those other comforters might be somewhere in a future house of mines though! 

There's a lot more to come in the near future! Hopefully I will get the ceiling painted over this weekend and let's pray that I will only have to touch up spots and not have to paint the entire ceiling. Trim, let's not even talk about her; just know that it can't be avoided. Those are the big projects, besides that I'm going to take on my first ever furniture DIY with the bookshelf. So i'm excited to take off and get back to what I love to do!

p.s. I also found a lot of crafts that has been hiding in the room. Maybe you will see that down the line soon also (if the pollen doesn't kill me first).

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