What's New?

Well leaving from the DIY for a post here but it still contributes to it.

I hope you may see some changes to the site? If not let me introduce you to them!

1. In the House Tour section, I've added some floor plans that can allow you to better understand the layout of everything. I know you all are probably wondering how many more rooms I have left that I can put my touch on because I know that I would be wondering about the same thing! Hopefully in the future there will be more than just one house underneath this section, my own, but that won't be until another five years or so.

Don't worry though, we tend to forget that outside is also a room that needs to be tended to EVERY year and that after a while things change around the house like the seasons. New bedspreads could pop up, a new paint color could jump out the can, who knows what will happen. Let's noT forget about doing other homes also. Ooops, did I let the cat out the bag? Well you can look forward to some house therapy given to some other houses in the near future.

Okay, let's move on to what's next on the list.

2. Well if I be darned... the Projects section finally got a friend under it and let's just say that it won't be lonely for long. I have other projects that need to be done, just have to get myself to do it! It will get done though!

3. Lastly, We got a new tab on the loose. Paint Colors! Even though I have discussed what colors were used where in the posts, who wants to go through all those post looking for what could be hard to find. So your search has been made easier!

So what's next? Oh wouldn't you like to know!

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