Don't You Worry

Here with a short update so that you won't think I went hiatus on you all again without notice.

A lot, or maybe not much, has been going on lately. My rug finally came in on Wednesday. I love it, just wish they had a bigger size that was available, but I may be ordering another one. I was able to catch it on sale for 17.99, but with shipping and handling I paid $26.10. It was originally $34.99 so I've saved a lot.

On a side note, I just looked at the website again and now it's $22.97 so I'm happy I got it when I was able to.

Now let's talk about paint. Well I started to paint, I'm just not finished yet because I was waiting on the rug to make sure the color I wanted for the accent wall matched somewhat. Since I didn't take my rug out of the package until yesterday, paint matching hasn't been checked off the list yet but it will be soon! Here are some cell phone pics I just snapped to see what all has been done:

So as you can see not much has been done but I think I just motivated myself to get finish painting the main color and then to go to Home Depot and figure out which color I am painting the back wall. Maybe I'll get that done today. Most likely I will, since I will be jammed packed this week. Therefore, I won't be making an update for the rest of the week since I'm going through my last bit of management classes Tuesday-Thursday pretty much all day! So please pray for me! 

And if you wondering how long did it take me to paint the walls that are painted, about an hour with a second coat over them also. So not long at all. I took a lot of breaks since the air wasn't on and in a small space it gets hot pretty darn fast. Painting the rest of the wall should only take 30 minutes and the accent wall should take 10 since it will be darker than the current wall color. 

Saturday I hope to be back with a finished painted laundry room update around 6 in the afternoon. Who know's you may even get it Friday if I recover fast enough.

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