Time on Our Side

Lately, everything has been at a stand still since my last post but today that has changed. I found myself in Home Depot earlier this morning to FINALLY get the paint that I was supposed to get two weeks ago when my rug came.

As I began to paint, I forgot that I left out one of my brushes last week when painting the rest of the wall grey. It is was one that was very dear to me. This wouldn't be the first time or the second, but I wish I could remember to do the things I constantly tell myself to do (putting up the dang brushes). I managed to remember to put my roller in the fridge so that it wouldn't harden, even though I have three more of these, but forgot to put it the one thing I hate buying over and over again. I tried letting it sit and hot water and using vinegar but I'm guessing it was far too gone. At least one side was clean, but the other side was a catastrophe.

Let's just say my heart is broken because I will have to go spend another $8 to get another one unless someone would like to donate a couple of bucks.

Either way, the laundry room got some paint on the walls and once I get another brush I will trim everything off to some crisp, straight lines. Here's how it is looking now.

Here's a close up for you:

I just have to trim where the walls meet, the baseboard and wall, and the ceiling and wall. As you can see, I cut out a lot of what's left to be done because I want you to see how it  would look when it is done. Overall, I'm loving how it is coming along. I have never painted a bold color on a wall so when I seen the color on the brush I immediately fell in love. 

I can admit that I wasn't too sure about my decision for the color, but after going to get paint chips to make sure of my decision, God reassured me that everything that I visualized was OK to follow. For once, it feels good to have an idea come to life and actually see that everything is going to come out right. 

There's a lot more progress to be made and I'll try my best to do as much as I can when I can. Never knew having a full time job and a second job would require so much of my day. So those of you that do more than I do, I commend you!

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