Monday, June 30, 2014

Get Away

No Let's Buy It for you this week, instead I have something better!

I finally went on vacation after two (or maybe more) years! Me and my family used to go every year since I could remember and for the last two years I sat out. It may have been more than two years, but time flies past me too often so I wouldn't be able to keep up no matter what.

But you probably are wondering where did I take off to? Well can you guess??


Exciting right? Well somewhat. If you don't go to Florida every year then it would be. This may be my 10th time going or maybe I'm exaggerating. I'll say it's at least my 6th, not that you care or anything.

By this time you are probably wondering what all did I do? Well we just sat at the resort the entire weekend, and debated on what we were going to do. I'm just kidding. We went to Universal Studios from 10am to 8pm (You can blame the wait on rides).

Before we get there, let's take a look at the resort.

We stayed in Orlando at Bonnet Creek. This is our first time here and I fell in love with it! I wished that I was a pro at taking pictures and driving at the same time but that's impossible for me to do.

Well here goes a load full...

And that's all I got of the resort. I kind of suck at taking pictures when I'm fascinated with everything myself. Just know there was many awesome pools, the best I've seen since we've been going to resorts. One pool that I saw had a slide and I seen plenty more pools but I didn't get a picture of any of them. I know, I know I suck! If you want to know or considering staying, just check it out here!

Now let's continue on to the park!

Of course when I am excited I don't take as many pictures as I could but I managed to do better than what I thought.

Well maybe I didn't do as well as I thought I did. I didn't take any pictures of all the rides I road. I guess the main thing on my mind was having to stand in line for 1 hour or more!!! But I'll let you in on some secrets to keep your wait down.

1. SINGLE RIDER OR EXPRESS PASS! Going the free route is always GREAT and that's is the single rider route. Of course you and your party will be split up, but wouldn't you rather stand in line for half the time instead of the full time or more? Unfortunately, we didn't experience that until we went on our last ride of the day. HARRY POTTER and must I say it was my favorite ride of the entire park. Maybe because it's not your traditional roller coaster and the 3-d effects are awesome! Now on the other hand you can go for the Express Pass for a hefty $70 bucks for only riding 1 time each ride that has it or around $95 for unlimited rides. That's just for that day only which means you can't use it another day that you go to the park.

And I think that's all my secrets I have for you... Yeah you thought it was going to be list, me too at first.

We also went shopping at the outlet and managed to leave right before it started pouring down! I only got one item and that was a dress. I'm not a shopper when there is a million people out trying to do the same thing you are. Unfortunately, I didn't get to stop by any incredible houses or go by IKEA. Sounds boring right?? I am thinking the same thing! Who goes on vacation for that? I would! 

I'm looking forward to next year though. We are planning on going to MIAMI!!! I can say that I have never been there! Time to look at some things for me to do! Since I'm young I might as well go view the night life and meet the love of my life... hahaha I WISH!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Kitchen Complete

Well the title gives it all away doesn't it?

I'll go ahead and tell you, you can't tell the difference unless you have a really keen eye for colors. Here's the before:

And here's after:

It's hard to tell but these are two different colors. Not as much as a dramatic change but the room is less yellow and more of a beige.

If I end up changing out the light to my daylight lights (like the bathrooms and laundry room), the room may look a little less yellow. Right now I'm just happy that I am finished painting... WITH ALMOST EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE. (If you are wondering about the stairwell, then that's a good question). Right now we aren't going to paint the stairwell, just going to leave it how it is. Brandy's room still needs a can of paint but waiting for her to say the magic words.

I'll have a post about paint if you are really wondering how many cans and which brand I prefer. I hope all of you enjoy your weekend because I know I will. I'm headed to another place this weekend!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Will You Marry Me?

You will NEVER guess where I went Monday!! I'll just cut to the chase... here's a hint! (Even though that's not cutting to the chase)

Did you figure it out? Well if not then just know I took a trip to ATL shawty! While there, I just happened to stop at IKEA. 

Never knew how awesome a place could be. Being there is way better than being at the beach to me, but we will let this weekend be the judge of that. Maybe I can stop by IKEA there also...hhhhheeeemmmm... I am really considering it! I admit that I'm a little too excited while writing this post, but just try to vision how excited I was when I actually walked into that beautiful building and seen all my dreams come true. It's an amazing feeling I can tell you that much.

But back to what matters, furniture, paint, IKEA, you know all that good stuff...(I'll try my best not to make this post so long)

So let's start at the end of my picture taking...

We have plans for the back yard and I just thought this little fellow here would be a great addition to our family!

 And here he is from afar...AMAZING I KNOW!

The table itself cost $149, but I got too excited that I didn't look at how much the entire set cost together. The one thing that I learned is that everything is pretty much a GREAT price. Here's another one that isn't too extravagant but will do the job:

Now let's take the tables inside to the dining room. Of course we are looking for a new dining table since the picnic table never did match the house. Here's a few that I saw that I thought would be great and the plus to these is that they EXTEND for more people to fit around! The table is $229 while the chairs are $99 a piece. Add it all together and you get a dining set for: $625 with 4 chairs and $823 for 6 since it extends for 6 people.

As you can see, this table cost $149. It doesn't extend like the one above but it is still nice.

And here's another to our adventure. This one extends also and cost $199 but not sure since I can't really see the price tag in the picture.

And if you need the table decorated, here's one of the show rooms:

I'm sure there were a few more decorated, but I only took pictures when there wasn't a lot of people around. I didn't want it to feel awkward, or maybe I just feel that way.

Now let's step away from the dining tables and let's go to coffee tables. I only got one, I know, I'm sorry, but NEXT TIME I will get pictures of everything for you! 

As soon as I saw this table, my mind ran wild. (Picture a bunch of monkeys going crazy over a banana). It cost $39.99! I was like wow too. You could easily paint it, but I'm not certain about staining it. Either way it's a deal and you better take it.

I'll leave you off at that for now. I have a lot of kitchen stuff of course, bathroom, and couches to come NEXT WEEK. I can't give you all the goods at once all the time!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Do You Love to Read??

Well neither do I, but if it's something I have an interest in then I don't mind at all!

You're probably wondering, what does this have to do with DIY, Home Improvement and all that good stuff? There's a little resemblance just sit tight and then you'll understand.

About a week ago, I made my first eBook purchase that I ever made that wasn't textbook related. Sounds exciting right? Well it is because this wasn't your ordinary eBook. This book was about first time bloggers.

If you're wondering what book I am talking about, here it is:

Building a Framework by
I know many of you don't want to pay a fortune for a book, but this book has a recommended price of $24 but you can pay what you feel it is worth. To me, it is worth more than that because this information was very valuable. It allowed me to see many areas where I needed to improve and how to help my blog grow.

I'm still not finished reading the entire book and it's 28 chapters short. The reason I say that is because it's not like an actual chapter book that you would read in school where you would always flip and count how many pages you got left until the end of the chapter or am I the only person that did that? It's enough information where you find yourself saying, "WOW, I've learned a lot in just those few pages!"

I'm on the last chapter now and plan on reading at least one book each month so that I can still know how to read and write since I'm not in school anymore.

Have you read anything lately that sparked your interest? Do you plan on writing your own book one day? If so, I wouldn't mind giving it a read!

** Her husband also has a blog! Go check him out!

Friday, June 20, 2014

The Three Musketeers

Foyer= Check
Dining Room= Check
Living Room= Check
Kitchen= NEXT

If you just tuned in, here's the foyer and dining room progress that has been made in our paint fest downstairs. Now since you are with us, here's the horrible before of the living room (don't mind the mess):

Excuse the bad phone pictures

And here we are today:

Let's see what we can check off our checklist:

Repaint frames
Remove computer desk
Mount TV
Add more art
Hang curtains
New flooring (hardwood)
New Furniture

Right now I would give this room a 5% complete because there is so much to be done! Sometime this week, the desk is getting moved up to Bianca's room and hopefully sometime before the summer ends I can paint it. 

Overall, I like how brighter the room has gotten but it still have a long ways to go. We aren't sure what color we are wanting to do here yet but hopefully we'll be getting an idea soon.