Did You Guess Right?

Are you ready to know which room is next on the paint check off list? I'm sure you are! Drum roll please!
(Doesn't Otis look nice on drums)

Well the answer was, Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen! Let's not forget the foyer is included in this.
Here's what ya'll said:

All these rooms at once you must be thinking I am crazy? Right now I feel the same way but it must be done. Since we have established that, let's talk about paint color.

Here are the options:

Sorry for such a bad picture but it's coming from my phone.

Top to Bottom:
1. Whispering Wheat by Glidden
2. Raffia Ribbon by Behr (the rest is by Behr also)
3. Weathered Sandstone
4. Oat Cake
5. Classic Taupe
6. Parchment Paper
7. Raffia Cream
8. Gobi Desert

Right now I am thinking about going with #1 for the foyer and #2 for all the other rooms. What mom thinks? She likes #1 and I loved it the moment I seen it, I'm just afraid that it may be too light. It all depends on the lighting though.
Tip: Just because you look online and see that this color looks light in a picture doesn't mean that it will be that light in your house also. This is a good time where you should get paint samples and see which one goes better in your house.

Here's how Whispering Wheat looks in a room:


And here's how Raffia Ribbon looks:

I think that the two colors will make a great contrast. I'm also thinking about putting the whispering wheat underneath the chair rail in the dining room so that it all won't be just one color.

Hopefully I will have a mood board ready for you all next week! If not then some painting will at least be going on.

If you missed what all needs to be done in each room check out this post here for all the details!

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