Do You Love to Read??

Well neither do I, but if it's something I have an interest in then I don't mind at all!

You're probably wondering, what does this have to do with DIY, Home Improvement and all that good stuff? There's a little resemblance just sit tight and then you'll understand.

About a week ago, I made my first eBook purchase that I ever made that wasn't textbook related. Sounds exciting right? Well it is because this wasn't your ordinary eBook. This book was about first time bloggers.

If you're wondering what book I am talking about, here it is:

Building a Framework by
I know many of you don't want to pay a fortune for a book, but this book has a recommended price of $24 but you can pay what you feel it is worth. To me, it is worth more than that because this information was very valuable. It allowed me to see many areas where I needed to improve and how to help my blog grow.

I'm still not finished reading the entire book and it's 28 chapters short. The reason I say that is because it's not like an actual chapter book that you would read in school where you would always flip and count how many pages you got left until the end of the chapter or am I the only person that did that? It's enough information where you find yourself saying, "WOW, I've learned a lot in just those few pages!"

I'm on the last chapter now and plan on reading at least one book each month so that I can still know how to read and write since I'm not in school anymore.

Have you read anything lately that sparked your interest? Do you plan on writing your own book one day? If so, I wouldn't mind giving it a read!

** Her husband also has a blog! Go check him out!