Kitchen Complete

Well the title gives it all away doesn't it?

I'll go ahead and tell you, you can't tell the difference unless you have a really keen eye for colors. Here's the before:

And here's after:

It's hard to tell but these are two different colors. Not as much as a dramatic change but the room is less yellow and more of a beige.

If I end up changing out the light to my daylight lights (like the bathrooms and laundry room), the room may look a little less yellow. Right now I'm just happy that I am finished painting... WITH ALMOST EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE. (If you are wondering about the stairwell, then that's a good question). Right now we aren't going to paint the stairwell, just going to leave it how it is. Brandy's room still needs a can of paint but waiting for her to say the magic words.

I'll have a post about paint if you are really wondering how many cans and which brand I prefer. I hope all of you enjoy your weekend because I know I will. I'm headed to another place this weekend!!

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