Let's Buy It ( Part 2)

Well aren't you lucky, you get a second post today!

When we last left off on Part 1, I introduced you to House #1 and #2, now let's move on to 3.


Now this home is a beauty in disguise. It's located a little down the road from House #2, but doesn't cost as much! My first thought of the house it that it needed a lot of work, but it is doable. 

Here are the facts:
3 bedroom, 2 bath
~1,407 sqft.

For the front yard I would take down brick that is in between the porch and garage, get a new garage door, new windows and front door. I would even paint the brick, you would understand if you seen these home transformations at It's Great To Be Home. Here are my favorite outside transformation:

Check out before pictures here: http://itsgreattobehome.net/our-5th-flip/

Check out before pictures here: http://itsgreattobehome.net/our-6th-flip/

So are you one the same page with me now?

Here's the backyard:

For the back yard I would replace the fence, of course, add a deck, and change the sliding doors to french doors. The other door you see goes to the garage.

And now for the inside:

Hideous right? Well that can all be changed.

For the kitchen, I would knock down the wall on the right to open up to the den/family room that is to the right so that it can be somewhat of an open floor plan. I would also paint the cabinets white and change the counter top out for a not expensive one. Depending on how the room is on the other walls, I would add counter top to the space on the other side of the room.

In the bathroom, I would strip all the wall paper and reglaze the tile and surround. I would also replace the vanity. I'm sure there is more to be done, like the floors, but the picture doesn't show much of how the bathrooms look like in this house. Let's just say this is one of the rooms that calls for a major overhaul.

Now let's talk about the bedrooms. I would paint all the rooms, luckily they aren't all that bold like this room, and add crown molding. Also, I saw that this home has a hole in the blue bedroom and master bedroom that needs to be patched. 

Overall for the inside I would change all the carpet out to either hardwood in the main living areas and carpet in the bedrooms with new tile in the bathrooms. I would also add crown molding to the entire house and repaint the baseboards and trim around the doors. All the doors that are brown would be painted white and all the door knobs would be spray painted to be an oil rubbed bronze. I forgot to mention that there is paneling in the living room, den/family room, dining room, and kitchen so all of that would have to be taken down.

Sounds like a lot right? Well it is but in the end it's all worth it because you are increasing the value of the home while making it your own that you can enjoy. Remember that you have to make sure that the value of the home needs to stay close to the amount of the other homes in the neighborhood sell for. You don't want to put this house up for sale and it's $50,000 more than the other homes. Sometimes you may luck out, but others times, yeah you know.

Well that's all for this week on Let's Buy It (sounds like a TV show right?). Hopefully next week a new home comes on the market and I can go fall in love with that one. I really don't know why all the houses I like other people seem to snatch it up before I am even able to enjoy it being on the market for so long. While we are on this subject, you know House # 1 I showed you last week? Well it got sold. I was heart broken but someone made it apparent to me that my heart is still beating so I'll be alright.