Slide on Down Here Girl

Lately, my little old rug been sitting on top of the dryer, but that's about to change today. After noticing that there was no grip support on the rug that I bought for the laundry room, I finally got around to actually getting some rub grippers. I was going to use some DIY skills but I didn't want to risk messing up the rug that I can't buy another of because they have discontinued it. :(

Since I was at home depot last week, I decided to go ahead and find something to hold the rug in place.

This is how the rug looks on both side. You could easily bust your head wide open just by stepping on it the wrong way.

I ended up buying Robert's Rug Traction from Home Depot for around 10 bucks. I guess I should've read the reviews first because it doesn't do great of a job but it is better than not having anything on it at all.

This is all the materials you need for this project:
Scissors to cut the length that you need

At first, I just did the outer square of the rug. After flipping it over and testing it out, I noticed that the middle wasn't very stable.

I flipped it back over and did the middle of the rug.

And now it's back on the floor.

Putting the strips in the middle didn't do much but it did do something. At least now I know that no one will end up slipping. I'll be looking for more solutions for this and if I find something that works out I will definitely let you know.

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