Two Down, Two More To Go!

So you see how I'm just knocking them out right? Yeah I'm a beast!

I recently got finished painting the dining room. Here is the before:

And after:

The only problem that came up is when it came to what to do with the chair rail not going all the way to the end of the wall. I let my mom decide which color she wanted to extend down or up more and she chose the main wall color of the room. 

Looks better right?

Here's what left to do:
Remove old couch
Paint under chair rail or have wainscoting
Add art and curtains
Replace light
Continue new flooring (hardwood)
New Thermostat

So we can say that this "room" is 25% complete.

If you've notice, I have added a new item on the to-do list. Well here's the beauty:

If you haven't ever heard about this fellow here, you are missing out. All I have to say is that it's speak for itself!

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