Will You Marry Me?

You will NEVER guess where I went Monday!! I'll just cut to the chase... here's a hint! (Even though that's not cutting to the chase)

Did you figure it out? Well if not then just know I took a trip to ATL shawty! While there, I just happened to stop at IKEA. 

Never knew how awesome a place could be. Being there is way better than being at the beach to me, but we will let this weekend be the judge of that. Maybe I can stop by IKEA there also...hhhhheeeemmmm... I am really considering it! I admit that I'm a little too excited while writing this post, but just try to vision how excited I was when I actually walked into that beautiful building and seen all my dreams come true. It's an amazing feeling I can tell you that much.

But back to what matters, furniture, paint, IKEA, you know all that good stuff...(I'll try my best not to make this post so long)

So let's start at the end of my picture taking...

We have plans for the back yard and I just thought this little fellow here would be a great addition to our family!

 And here he is from afar...AMAZING I KNOW!

The table itself cost $149, but I got too excited that I didn't look at how much the entire set cost together. The one thing that I learned is that everything is pretty much a GREAT price. Here's another one that isn't too extravagant but will do the job:

Now let's take the tables inside to the dining room. Of course we are looking for a new dining table since the picnic table never did match the house. Here's a few that I saw that I thought would be great and the plus to these is that they EXTEND for more people to fit around! The table is $229 while the chairs are $99 a piece. Add it all together and you get a dining set for: $625 with 4 chairs and $823 for 6 since it extends for 6 people.

As you can see, this table cost $149. It doesn't extend like the one above but it is still nice.

And here's another to our adventure. This one extends also and cost $199 but not sure since I can't really see the price tag in the picture.

And if you need the table decorated, here's one of the show rooms:

I'm sure there were a few more decorated, but I only took pictures when there wasn't a lot of people around. I didn't want it to feel awkward, or maybe I just feel that way.

Now let's step away from the dining tables and let's go to coffee tables. I only got one, I know, I'm sorry, but NEXT TIME I will get pictures of everything for you! 

As soon as I saw this table, my mind ran wild. (Picture a bunch of monkeys going crazy over a banana). It cost $39.99! I was like wow too. You could easily paint it, but I'm not certain about staining it. Either way it's a deal and you better take it.

I'll leave you off at that for now. I have a lot of kitchen stuff of course, bathroom, and couches to come NEXT WEEK. I can't give you all the goods at once all the time!

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