Monday, July 21, 2014

A Little More Action

Not much has been going on around the house. The giveaway I won came in but it hasn't been connected yet and we recently got a Genie. Not the one you make a wish to, I wish it was, but it's from Directv. My mom and dad has been with them for 14 years now! Can we get a half off everything discount?? Right now we love it but it's only been one day. I've noticed things start to slow down once you have had it for a while. I guess it's their way of trying to get you to update to the newest system they come out with. To sum everything up, everything is way faster than what it was so that is a plus.

Other than that, I seemed to have forgotten to show you the rest of my Ikea visit. So here it is:

This is a cool sleeper sofa I seen, maybe it's just me though.

Some cheap storage with a pop of color anyone?

I'm not a big fan of brown cabinets but this one looks pretty nice to me.

Not a big fan of this kitchen. but it's still nice.

For some reason I love these vanities, but I don't like the faucets.

And here's the awesome storage it has!

I adorrrreeee youuuuuuuuu!! *Miley Cyrus singing voice*

And for some reason this kitchen stole my heart. I think it's the brick wall that does the trick since I'm not a big fan of the upper cabinets.

Not a big fan of galley kitchens but the see through cabinets made the space look bigger or maybe it's the industrial ceiling?

 Do you know what draws me here? That beautiful back splash of course!

Here's some random counter top samples that I liked enough to show you.

 I've never been a big fan of gray, but this one here melted my heart!

 And to finish this preview with a bang, my dream closet!! I don't know why but I found myself typing college instead of closet. Maybe someone is trying to tell me to go back to school??

Monday, July 14, 2014

Whatcha' Bought Us?

Last week, I ordered some things. Not a whole room full of accessories, I wish I could have though. My main focus has been the living room lately. It sucks having bare walls right now but you have to start from somewhere.

For starters, I think my mom has finally made a decision about what color scheme she wants. It took a while to get her there, but with the help of her daughter she decided on blue and green. What exact color of blue and green? That she haven't decided yet. 

One day I came home from Walmart with a canvas and as soon as she seen it she told me that it wasn't the blue that she was going for. I kind of laughed in my head. Here it is:

Right now she is saying that she want a darker blue, so hopefully I can find something that is her taste or tell her to go find it and I'll get it for her. For now, this can go either in the half bath or start making my collage wall in the stairway.

I also ordered another accessory that I knew my mom would like and of course it's from my favorite store! Kirkland's!

So where will this piece go? I'm thinking about on the right side of the furthest window or either above the fireplace whenever I get a mirror to go there.

My biggest buy last week was this:

If you can't tell what it is, I finally got a wall mount! Now the question is when it will be put up! I'm hoping that I can get it up in the next week but it depends on when I can get help. I never put up anything before with nails since I use command strips for most of my pictures and for those that require screws, they haven't been put up yet. I got this from Walmart also.

I have one more thing coming in the mail that I won! Can't let you know what it is yet but as soon as I cut the grass I'll be able to tell you with a review!

Are you making any changes in your home? Having some tough design decisions? Don't know where to start? I would love to help you!

And now we can mark off some items on our list. I've also made some changes you haven't seen yet!


Repaint frames
Remove computer desk
Mount TV (at least I got the mount, now I just have to mount it)
Add more art 
Hang curtains
New flooring (hardwood)
New Furniture

I would say this room is now at 25% finished. We still have a long ways to go.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trimming it Up

It's time for some major trim work!

I never knew how much a difference painted trim can make a room or an area until now! I think I have a new favorite thing to do. Crazy right?

A fresh coat of paint on the trim can really make the room feel more appealing. You never know how dirty something looks until you actually start to paint or wipe it down. Almost every room in this house needed a fresh coat of trim, but I was only able to get to a select few. I started in Bianca's room and then found myself all over the house.

Let's start in the stairway. Here's how the side handle looked before:

And after:

 As you can see, I still haven't finished my headboard project. One day, one day.

And here's the middle railing or half wall, whatever you would like to call it.



 I still have one more railing to do and I need to repaint the baseboards.

Moving on to our biggest transformation, Bianca's room!

Here's before: (see more before pictures here)

And After:

(I also have a new project that I'm going to be working on. It's in this picture but it's not as noticeable as you think)

I also did the baseboards in this room:

And now, let's travel to the upstairs bathroom. Here's the before of the trim:

And progess:

By the way, a few months ago I discovered that a section wasn't all the way covered on the small wall in the bathroom. How I missed it? I must was wearing my glasses, but it will get recovered soon.

I'm not quite finished up there because I decided it would be a great idea to clean my sister's blinds in the bathtub, so my focus went there. But as you can but can't really see, I still have a blind on the floor that has been drying for the past three days. I'm just too lazy to put it up yet.

I also found myself doing one wall of trim in the half bathroom.



I still have a lot of more trim to do but hopefully I will get to it Monday since that was my day I randomly decided I was going to get some things done. Hopefully next week will be a full week of post for you! Until then, Hope you enjoy your weekend! I'm in Atlanta for....

NOPE, not the blogger convention that's going on, I sure do wish, but instead I'm here for a cheerleading convention. Did I forget to mention, my hobby is competitive cheerleading. I have cheered for 10 years and coached for 7! I've also cheered in college! Here's two pics for you!!

Amazing right!! I wonder should I know update my About me section. Think I'll wait until that one year mark for my blog.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Let's Buy It (Part 4)

Let's change it up a bit and look at a place not in the area.

These pictures weren't taken by me. They all came from Trulia.

I have about 35 homes saved in my Trulia from the CSRA all the way from Richmond,VA to Florida. I think it's always a good idea to see what you can get for your money elsewhere, but you should also note the job pay changes whenever you are deciding to move.

For now, we are going to stay in GA on this one. Atlanta,GA!

When I was around 11 years old, I decided that I wanted to stay in Atlanta because I loved the atmosphere. Each year on President's Day weekend, the competitive cheerleading team I was on, and currently coaching at, would go to one of the biggest cheerleading competitions in the world, CHEERSPORT. So I basically went for 7 years straight and had a blast. I then went off to college there at Georgia State University. Had a great time, but it would've been better if I would have tried to get out there and be more involved. Moving off campus was one of the worst ideas I could have ever imagined! Lesson learned though. If you want a great college experience, stay on campus. I won't go into anymore detail about my life though.


4 Bedroom 2 Bath
1911 square feet
Craftsman Bungalow

For the front yard I would paint the porch a dark gray. I would also plant a lot of flowers and remove the whatever the name of that thing leading to the porch. I would also remove the screen door and maybe replace it. I would also change out the door to a craftsman style one. Painting the utility box to match the house is a must also.

 For the living room I would probably get rid of the brick and make it a mosaic glass surround and tear out the tile on the floor and replace with mosaic also. Of course you would paint and add curtains and all that. Did I mention I'm in love with the floors? That's one of the reason's why I chose to show you this home.

The kitchen is pretty much complete. Not sure about the half wall so that would have to be under consideration. The dining room looks small so if we rip down the half wall, it would be an "eat-in kitchen." There seems to be enough room for a table in the living room unless there is another area for the table since this home is 1911 square feet. I'm not sure about the floors in this room though. If you carry the flooring into the kitchen it may look too brown in there. One thing that I do see that would be taken care of  is spray painting the vent covers to an oil rubbed bronze to make it blend with the flooring more.

This is one of the bathrooms. I love the tiling done in both of the bathrooms. Guess it gives me a modern feel. Both of the bathrooms don't need work but I think the floors maybe the same as the kitchen.

This looks like one of the bedrooms. From the outside it looks like they have removed a inner window from this room. Even if they didn't I would consider opening up the middle wall and putting a big window there.

Backyard needs a lot of cleaning up. The yard doesn't look that big but it maybe another side to it. I know it's not as deep and there is another house right behind this one. I think that means it needs a fence.

For the back of the house I would probably extend the porch to make a deck and it looks like another bedroom has a window that was covered that needs to be brought back to life.

If you want to see more pictures, visit the actual listing on Trulia!

Friday, July 4, 2014


I think I need another vacation after this week of work and it's not even over with!!! Besides from that, let's check out my unfinished project that I started.

Isn't she beautiful? You laughed too, yeah, that's exactly why she is getting covered up. If you remember, in MAY, I was supposed to cover her but that didn't happen as planned. (I'm starting to realize I'm not a planner, just a doer, when it comes to these things) 

Now that i'm slowly getting back on track, I was able to get started. I won't go into details now because I'm still trying to figure out how I will carry out the project. Since I decided not to go the cardboard route or plywood, it's harder than what I thought it would be. Here it is today:

Still have a lot of tightening to do and still have to figure out what kind of fabric I want since the one I picked out didn't go with my bedspread right now. I'm really considering getting me a white duvet so that I won't have to be so limited.

I used to duct tape to hold it together for now... which means it's not a permanent solution. Just seeing if it it will hold up. I think right now it is, but I haven't checked on it since Monday night. So yeah...

If anyone has any solutions please let me know! In the meantime, you are probably wondering why the title of the post is what it is. That's because I did use a tool while doing this. I tried to put cardboard on one side of the headboard and staple it, but I think I need cardboard on the inside and outer for it to latch on. Here's my handy dandy tool:
I know, nothing special but I plan to put her to use on some projects later on down the line. I thought of buying the electric stapler but I decided to start off simple and then build my way up. I seen a lot of tools that I would love to have that I seen at Walmart. I always thought that these tools would cost me an arm and a leg, but I was shocked to see that they were less than I thought. Which tools am I thinking about adding to my collection? A jigsaw and a electric sander for now. I may get an actual saw later on down the line but I'll start off small first.

But back to the headboard. Until I know how to carry out this project, my wall will still be saying this: