Let's Buy It (Part 4)

Let's change it up a bit and look at a place not in the area.

These pictures weren't taken by me. They all came from Trulia.

I have about 35 homes saved in my Trulia from the CSRA all the way from Richmond,VA to Florida. I think it's always a good idea to see what you can get for your money elsewhere, but you should also note the job pay changes whenever you are deciding to move.

For now, we are going to stay in GA on this one. Atlanta,GA!

When I was around 11 years old, I decided that I wanted to stay in Atlanta because I loved the atmosphere. Each year on President's Day weekend, the competitive cheerleading team I was on, and currently coaching at, would go to one of the biggest cheerleading competitions in the world, CHEERSPORT. So I basically went for 7 years straight and had a blast. I then went off to college there at Georgia State University. Had a great time, but it would've been better if I would have tried to get out there and be more involved. Moving off campus was one of the worst ideas I could have ever imagined! Lesson learned though. If you want a great college experience, stay on campus. I won't go into anymore detail about my life though.


4 Bedroom 2 Bath
1911 square feet
Craftsman Bungalow

For the front yard I would paint the porch a dark gray. I would also plant a lot of flowers and remove the whatever the name of that thing leading to the porch. I would also remove the screen door and maybe replace it. I would also change out the door to a craftsman style one. Painting the utility box to match the house is a must also.

 For the living room I would probably get rid of the brick and make it a mosaic glass surround and tear out the tile on the floor and replace with mosaic also. Of course you would paint and add curtains and all that. Did I mention I'm in love with the floors? That's one of the reason's why I chose to show you this home.

The kitchen is pretty much complete. Not sure about the half wall so that would have to be under consideration. The dining room looks small so if we rip down the half wall, it would be an "eat-in kitchen." There seems to be enough room for a table in the living room unless there is another area for the table since this home is 1911 square feet. I'm not sure about the floors in this room though. If you carry the flooring into the kitchen it may look too brown in there. One thing that I do see that would be taken care of  is spray painting the vent covers to an oil rubbed bronze to make it blend with the flooring more.

This is one of the bathrooms. I love the tiling done in both of the bathrooms. Guess it gives me a modern feel. Both of the bathrooms don't need work but I think the floors maybe the same as the kitchen.

This looks like one of the bedrooms. From the outside it looks like they have removed a inner window from this room. Even if they didn't I would consider opening up the middle wall and putting a big window there.

Backyard needs a lot of cleaning up. The yard doesn't look that big but it maybe another side to it. I know it's not as deep and there is another house right behind this one. I think that means it needs a fence.

For the back of the house I would probably extend the porch to make a deck and it looks like another bedroom has a window that was covered that needs to be brought back to life.

If you want to see more pictures, visit the actual listing on Trulia!