Whatcha' Bought Us?

Last week, I ordered some things. Not a whole room full of accessories, I wish I could have though. My main focus has been the living room lately. It sucks having bare walls right now but you have to start from somewhere.

For starters, I think my mom has finally made a decision about what color scheme she wants. It took a while to get her there, but with the help of her daughter she decided on blue and green. What exact color of blue and green? That she haven't decided yet. 

One day I came home from Walmart with a canvas and as soon as she seen it she told me that it wasn't the blue that she was going for. I kind of laughed in my head. Here it is:

Right now she is saying that she want a darker blue, so hopefully I can find something that is her taste or tell her to go find it and I'll get it for her. For now, this can go either in the half bath or start making my collage wall in the stairway.

I also ordered another accessory that I knew my mom would like and of course it's from my favorite store! Kirkland's!

So where will this piece go? I'm thinking about on the right side of the furthest window or either above the fireplace whenever I get a mirror to go there.

My biggest buy last week was this:

If you can't tell what it is, I finally got a wall mount! Now the question is when it will be put up! I'm hoping that I can get it up in the next week but it depends on when I can get help. I never put up anything before with nails since I use command strips for most of my pictures and for those that require screws, they haven't been put up yet. I got this from Walmart also.

I have one more thing coming in the mail that I won! Can't let you know what it is yet but as soon as I cut the grass I'll be able to tell you with a review!

Are you making any changes in your home? Having some tough design decisions? Don't know where to start? I would love to help you!

And now we can mark off some items on our list. I've also made some changes you haven't seen yet!


Repaint frames
Remove computer desk
Mount TV (at least I got the mount, now I just have to mount it)
Add more art 
Hang curtains
New flooring (hardwood)
New Furniture

I would say this room is now at 25% finished. We still have a long ways to go.

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