Organize Me, Please!

The hardest thing to do around this house is to stay organized while on a really small budget. Like $10 a month small budget. As many times as you organize an area, it ends up getting back messy or someone just decides they aren't going to put everything back the way that it was. Eventually, I want to give up or pull out all my hair  but each and every time one solution doesn't work, I am off to find another one.

I tried the free route, just organizing everything underneath the cabinet or in the pantry, but after a while, it becomes a jungle again once more stuff finds it way where it shouldn't be. For instance, take a look at our half bath storage. Almost a year ago, I organized underneath the sink once I had finished painting and it wasn't a good plan at all.

And at the beginning of last week I found myself trying to find a better solution. Adding a storage basket. What's in it? All of our shampoos and some lotion. Do I think that all of this belongs in the half bathroom? Of course I don't but when everyone uses it like it's a spa, I have no choice but to go with the flow. Here's how it looks now:

Not better at all right? Well it was somewhat better until my sister decided to purchase a new flat iron set and it ended up underneath the sink where no where else can get to the items they need.

So now I have reached my breaking point. It's time to make our half bath for guest and not be used as a storage place just because no one feels like going upstairs to do their hair or to grab some lotion. And what happens when these items get placed back where they don't belong? THROW THEM AWAY! I wish it could be that simple but I guess I will simply put them back where they were and then if they keep getting placed back in the half  bath, hide them until they get the point.

So here is my solution to this mess:

-Only thing left is first aid kit, peroxide, one set of lotion and shampoo.
-Get bins to place combs and flat irons in.
-Get a bin for tissue.

Sounds simple enough? I hope it is. Now is to get someone on board with it because the one thing I've notice is that people don't seem to handle change around here too well.

I've still have a lot of places to organize, here's a list of them all:

-Laundry Room
-Master Bathroom
-Upstairs Hallway Closet
-Under Stairs Closet

Yeah a lot to do. I will give myself until the end of next year to get everything in order! Sounds pitiful, I know! 

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