December Fun

You would think that I would be posting about all the Christmas decorations since my favorite month is here, but our house is still not decked out yet BUT it will be soon (which means hopefully in the next week)!

Today I come to you with more organization stories. It seems like I'm trying to have everything organized before the year is out even though it is going to take more than a month to get everything under control.

Since money has been tight, I was looking for the easiest transformation without spending any money at all and the place where I seen opportunity at was back in the laundry room. You might be wondering how it got so junky? Well I don't know! When you are in the house with more than three people, you wonder how a lot of things get placed where they get placed.

Here's the horrible clutter that has piled up over the past few months since the room got an uplift:

And here's the after:

For the first cabinet I put all the cleaners at the top with the other items that hardly ever get used in the back.

On the second row there wasn't a big change, just everything got put back neater.

And the third row had the biggest transformation. If I had gotten to my camera sooner, you would have seen that it looked like a construction site. All I did was roll up the dish towels we had, folded the dish rags and placed all the mittens on top of each other. I threw away around 6 dish towels and wanted to throw away more but just in case my mom actually wanted them I saved most of them. I didn't know how little of dish rags we had but that's a good thing. The less you have, the better.

There wasn't much I could do with this cabinet. Mainly I threw away a lot of unneeded items and found out that I have a lot more bulbs then I should (two unopen boxes and three boxes of single ones for when I changed out the lights in the laundry room and bathrooms).
This is also where we keep our car washing rags if you are wondering why more rags are in this cabinet.

I didn't know what to do with the paper towels quite yet. If there was room for them I would have placed them in there, but I'm thinking they will be put in a cabinet in the kitchen or pantry whenever I get to organizing all that.

Overall, I still have a lot to do it seems. I plan on getting to the pantry next and then going back to the half bathroom to finish organizing there. I'm just still in shock at how much stuff we have that we don't even need and don't even know about until you actually start cleaning up everything.

Any of ya'll doing some much needed organization and just so happens that you waited until the end of the year like me? Have some tips or tricks that you can pass along?

You may be wondering how long it took me to finish all this. Let's just say around 1.5 hours. So this better last at least 2 months!

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