One Month In: Diapering

One of the most expensive items you will have to buy for your baby are diapers and wipes.

What size diapers does Caiden wear?

We just switched him over to a size one yesterday. I didn't think he would be wearing newborns for as long as he did, but when I put on the size one diaper, I knew that we should've been switched him probably last week. I wasn't planning on him wearing newborns at all since doctors were estimating that he would be around 7lbs 6oz when he was born but that definitely wasn't the case. He ended up being 6lbs 2oz and then dropped to 5lbs 13oz the day we left the hospital. So four weeks later and at 7lbs 9oz (he could be a lot more now) he has finally graduated.

What brand do you prefer?

For newborn, I like Huggies a lot better compared to Pampers and Parents' Choice just because the umbilical cut out is more defined than Pampers. Now that his umbilical cord is gone, I might prefer Pampers over the others. Huggies thigh region was always loose and made it easier for leaks while Pampers thigh region is just right (no leaks yet! Hopefully I haven't jinx myself).

He has multiple brands in size one that he will be using in the next couple of weeks like Luvs, Pampers, and Huggies, so hopefully I will have a better idea of what brand I will be sticking to for size one. 

How many diapers per day did you use?

For the first few days he was born, we were off to a very slow start. He wouldn't urinate but he would have a bowel movement probably twice per day. Once we left the hospital I was still concerned because eventually it flipped flopped to where he would urinate but not have a bowel movement. Eventually everything got into full effect where he is urinating and dumping loads constantly throughout the day so I would say that he uses around 10 diapers per day. In total he has used 256 newborn diapers.

Don't forget about the wipes!

There's no particular brand that I like better. Pretty much all the wipes I've used (Huggies, Pampers, and whatever brand they give you in the hospital (yeah I didn't pay attention) got the job done.

This current day, Caiden has used around 442 wipes. They go a lot quicker than diapers. 64 wipes last Caiden no more than four days, so I know that I will buy in bulk whenever he runs out of his baby shower wipes.

Diapers and wipes are the one thing I dread buying, but I couldn't see myself trying out cloth diapers. Maybe in five years for our next child we will look into cloth diapers, but I'm not making any promises. I also see that he needs a diaper pail since using trash bags/grocery bags doesn't hold the smell good enough. I miss that first week of his life where his poop didn't smell like a grown man's!

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