One Month In: Feeding

Deciding to breastfeed was one of the most easiest decisions that I could have ever made when coming to Caiden. It was something that I knew I wanted to do from the start.


1. You know you hear those horrible stories about how much soreness and pain you will be in for the first two weeks of breastfeeding?  Well I was lucky enough to only be sore for the first few days. If you are thinking about breastfeeding, I recommend using this the first day you start. I didn't start using it until a day or so after I started, but once I used it once, I could tell a big difference. It soothes the pain and makes it a lot easier to take on some more damage. I definitely don't know what I would do without this cream, most likely gave up breastfeeding.

2. The negative to breastfeeding is that eventually you are going to get too full. Your breast have a mind of its own I can say. What I mean is that your milk production is based off of how much your baby drinks. If he is drinking a lot, you will end up producing more milk and if he is not drinking a lot, you will produce less milk. The production level doesn't happen in a day though. If you are producing more than what he is eating, you can find yourself in a lot of aching pain. Breast aching that is. You are going to have to relieve that pain by pumping, unless you good at doing it by hand which I must say I was a pro at, but I didn't want to sit there for a full hour trying to get all the kinks out. Pumping not only saved me more than a fourth of the time, it also made the pain go away much quicker!

3. Bottle wise, I'm very picky. The only other bottle I use right now is Avent, but I have grown to love the Evenflo bottles especially if I pump over 4 ounces. The Avent bottles I have only go to 4 ounces and the Evenflo goes to 8 which is sometimes very helpful when I have a lot of built up milk waiting to be pumped out.

What else do I think would make this list complete? A bottle warmer!! Since I didn't use one, I didn't want to put it on here. Right now I'm using the hot water in the cup. It takes around 10 minutes to warm since the water will get cool fast which causes me to have to empty it out and refill. Right now I don't mind how the wait, but I'm sure Caiden does.

How often/much do you feed?

Caiden eats around every 2.5 to 3 hours. Even though I'm not sure about how much milk his is taking in while breastfeeding, I usually stop his feeding around 5-7 minutes since he always end up falling asleep. 

For the bottle I only give him 1.5 ounces since he throws up easily. He was taking in 2.5 but after the many throw ups at night, I decided that it was best to cut back until his stomach could handle it. Some days he does get more than 1.5 and when that happens, I make sure he has burped at least twice. He's the most gassiest fella I know.

Do you use an app to keep up with his feedings?

I used to not be the most technological person since I liked to keep up with stuff by hand. In the hospital, I wrote down his feedings for about a day and a half until I went looking for apps to keep track of his feedings so that I won't have to worry about losing a sheet. I'm currently using Feed Baby. It really helps me a lot since I'm always forgetting which side he fed off last, It also does a lot of other things I don't use yet like tracking when he took a bath last, your pumping, his sleeping, etc.

You can also add another child if you have more than one and see how many times and how long your child has fed for a certain day.

It is a trial and cost $4.99 for the pro version but I believe that this is an app that I would willingly pay for since I'm always asking myself which side did I feed him off last or how long ago did I feed him? You'll be shock how much you will forget when you are constantly tired and it feels like you just fed him an hour ago.

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