And the Winner is...

A few weeks ago I started my search for a bedroom comforter/set. If you go back to the post a few weeks ago, I had magically made my list to choose from. This white duvet or this 7 piece comforter set.
Down Alternative Comforter in White
And the winner is....


Are you shocked because I was when I was ordering it. It came with everything you see there. Three small pillows, two shams, the comforter (of course) and the bed skirt. I was going to pick the white duvet but that's all it came with. Maybe i'll keep this until the summer and then get a a white duvet to test it out. Both of them cost around the same price so I figured I would like to get more for my money now.

I'm slowly getting used to it each and everyday.

Now all I need is a headboard and it will come together more (some nightstands, lamp, and pictures too). So let's rewind and see what comforters I have had in the past few years. I've already shown you the one I had at my apartment (the chevron one). If you didn't see it, then here it is again.

I also had another one while staying there. 

Before I moved, I was into purple, blue and green for a while! I wish I had the pictures of them, but I don't so here they are from the Walmart website.
What a transformation right?

In the end, I'm happy that my taste has changed because I felt like I was trapped in my cool colors stage. It feels great to grow up and get out my comfort zone and to finally know what I'm in to (if only I could do this with food).

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