Double Trouble

So now it's time to move on to another part of the house and this time I'm painting two rooms at once, the master bedroom and bath. I’m excited to get to these because I’m ready to give my mom and dad the master suites they should have!

A few days ago, I found myself in Lowe's picking out paint colors and out of curiosity found myself in Home Depot right afterwards ( I feel like a trader). Here are the two paint chips we narrowed it down to.

I hope you can see how much of a paint job is needed. This red looks better in an open space then the cramped half bath that had gotten a face lift a few months go.

In the bedroom we are going with the top one which is in Behr called Sand Pearl. Here's a better look at it.

And in the bathroom we are going with Valspar called Warm Buff (the furthest to the left).

The bathroom is currently a bush green similar to the room here.

It feels weird going from all these bold colors to a more neutral house, but just because you go neutral doesn't mean that you can't have bold accent colors to help the room come together. I love that being neutral you aren't limited to the colors you want to bring in the room. With the red bedroom, my mom was only limited to colors that wouldn't compete against the red so she kept to a tan and red bedspread.

But don't get me wrong, going the tan route isn't all the neutral colors that are out there. A lot of greys and colors that have a somewhat grey tint are considered neutral also.

Hopefully, I will get started sometime this week since is not as hectic as last week with the snow and my first test this semester.

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