Victory is Mine!

This week I tackled my parent's bathroom and boy was it a treat (a lot more trimming than the other bathrooms). Let me go ahead and tell you that this post is going to be picture heavy!

Like I stated in my last post, my mom decided to go with Warm Buff from Valspar. On Monday, I found myself in Lowe's getting all my materials (a steel paint tray, 6 pack of rollers, and another angle brush) costing me around $65. It only took one can of paint since I made sure I wiped down the walls really well.

Silly me thought that I could get done with this project in two days and move on to my parent's bedroom in the same week, but I didn't get done until Wednesday night. If I didn't have school and work, I know that it would've been possible to get it done Monday but we all have lives we have to attend to.

Today you finally get to see the hideous before pictures and the marvelous after, so without further ado, here are they are.

By the way, I'm very proud of myself for taking pictures before I started to paint. Even though there is already tape up, there is no paint! Speaking of tape, I didn't tape the entire bathroom, the places you see taped are the only spots. Why you may ask? For one, I didn't want to tape the entire bathroom because that would be a lot of tape to remove and I would probably have to buy more. Secondly, I figured I needed to test out my non-tape painting skills and might I say I did an awesome job.

And now, what you have all been waiting for...*In my announcer voice* Give it up for the Master Bath Reveal!! (This is where you clap and give a high little squeal of excitement)



Are you as bright eyed as I was? If only you could feel the feeling of knowing that you just covered the last color of green that was showing in that bathroom. If you can't, just know it's like waking up next to your favorite celebrity and asking yourself is this really happening?

So let's map out what I did each day.

Monday: Tape off what I needed to tape off, unscrew all fixtures, clean light fixtures and walls, paint around the mirror and wall above door. Hours: 4

Tuesday: Wipe down more walls, Paint above toilet and around it, Paint window seal wall, paint the two walls beside the bathtub and the skinny wall dividing the shower and bathtub (in the very first picture). Also, any spots that needed to be gone over was completed. Hours: 3

Wednesday: Get to wiping again, Paint window wall above bathtub, Paint shower walls and go over any spots that needed to be gone over, put back on all the things I unscrewed and look back at the room like I just beat it down. Hours: 4

So in total I spent 11 hours painting this room and it was 11 hours well spent. The coverage of the paint was much better than the Kitchen and Bath Paint I used in the upstairs bathroom. This time I went with a satin finish and I am happy that I did. The kitchen and bath paint was harder to cover the walls and would easily come off while the satin went on so smooth and didn't come off one bit.

So now it's off to my parent's bedroom and to recall they decided to go with Sand Pearl in Behr. I'll be using flat since it's in the bedroom and you don't want much shine in there, unless you like it to. Now time to be realistic. I plan on to start painting Monday and hopefully get through by Tuesday if I put in some hours. It shouldn't take as long since I don't have as much trimming to do around objects. I should be posting about it some time next week.

On the other hand, the bedspread I chose is on my bed and boy did it take some getting used to after having my chevron colors from my apartment days.

Be on the lookout for that Sunday!

I hope that you enjoyed this as much as I did. Are any of you doing any minor changes to any rooms in your house or making big ones?

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