Paint, Paint, and More Paint

A few months ago I came across a letter "B" my younger sister had and decided that I was going to paint it.

Since it was only going to be hanging on the wall, I decided to use acrylic paint from Walmart.

I used the sponge brush to paint on the tan paint first just to see how well it would cover.

This is it after the first coat.

And now the second.

Once it dried I started to painting with teal and brown. I didn't know what I wanted to do exactly; I just knew that I wanted to paint it so that I can hang it in the bathroom. I painted each diamond with a small angle brush. After one coat, this is how it looked.

And here it is after the second.

After drying for a couple of days here's the final result:

Overall I like it, but I'm not going to hang it on the wall by itself. I'm thinking about placing it in a frame on the wall for it to be more dramatic.

*Update: View picture hung up and in the frame here!

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