B's are the Way of Life

Today it's a short post since I went A-wall on you again.

Exactly a month ago, I found myself doing my first DIY craft. Even though it took more time then I thought it would be, it was worth it in the end.

Today, I finally got a frame for it AND.... wait for it... HUNG IT UP! I know, I know, it only took a month but it's finally up. So here it is:

Beautiful isn't she!

I got the frame from Wal-Mart and luckily I went when I did because that was the last one. It's not what I was looking for but it does the job. I had wanted a white frame with a clear background but that would've required me to take a trip all the way to Augusta. I think it adds the contrast the bathroom needs though. Now let's look at the list of things to do next:

I think that's about it for now. This room is almost on my complete list and I'm happy to finally see it all coming together again. Now it's time to go and do what I am supposed to be doing, cleaning up around the house. How fun is that!

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