Something isn't the same anymore...

This week I found myself in Kirkland's and you know what that means... I must have picked up something (Did I mention I was lucky enough to walk in on a sale).

Well I did more than just get stuff, I actually hung some pictures up also!

If we go back to 2.5 months ago (I know it's really sad), I told you that I bought some pictures for my room in this post. Yesterday, I finally got the urge to hang one of them and another picture that I haven't shown you.

I need to find something that will go under this picture. It would be nice to have a chair and ottoman but since the desk is in the room there is no point in having two chairs. Later down the line I can always take the desk out and put a dresser there and then put a chair under the picture, but until then, there will be an empty space ready to be filled.

The Live, Laugh, Love picture hasn't been put up yet because I have to decide what pictures I want to show off in it. Hopefully, I will make a decision in the next two weeks.

Another surprise is that I got a picture for the half bathroom downstairs. I know that the walls have been feeling lonely lately so I had no choice but to make it somewhat appealing.

I plan on putting a white shelf underneath it and finding some kind of accessories to go on it. This bathroom still has a long way to go like a new rug and more accessories but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Meanwhile, there's one more picture on the list in another part of the house that didn't get hung yet (And I thought I was on the roll).The reason why is because I hung all the pictures above with command strips but this picture seemed way heavier than all the rest. I decided it was best to hang it with nails so that I won't look sad when I come into the bathroom and see it shattered on the floor one day.

I plan on putting this picture over the toilet in the upstairs bathroom here:

I've been on my "A" game this week  yesterday. I actually did more than just buy and hang pictures. I was able to get to a project that has been calling my name since forever.

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