Can I Have This, This AND This??

Ever go into a home improvement/decor store and you walk out with everything you liked or saw everything you wanted and walked out with nothing? Well the second one sounds like me! One thing that I've learned is that everything you want, you don't always have to get. Take some time to think about it and if it's still on your mind a couple of days later go get it! Here are some things I seen while in Home Depot, Kirkland's, Lowes, Furnish 123 and a lot of other places that I probably couldn't name.

Instead of making you a chalkboard or cork board from Kirkland's. Right now they are $12.99, but sold out online and a limited availability in stores. If you are in the CSRA, they are all out which sucks!

This is like the black picture I have in my room except white. I had liked the white one a lot better, but I felt like black would go better in my room. Can't seem to find this anywhere though.

This is one of my favorites! If I had a choice it would go in either the living room or my parents' room. This one is available online and limited availability in the store!

These come in a set or if you are in the store you can get one and not the other. Here it is online!

This is another that I was thinking about for my parents' room or the living room. It's temporarily sold out online and not available in stores.

Now if we get away from pictures and focus on furniture you will find me here... at Furnish 123 in Grovetown, GA. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked to because some things I didn't want others to see because I had wanted them all to myself (I'm evil aren't I).
Here are some of the furniture I liked:

For some reason, I always like to have a pop of color somewhere now. Whether it be a wall or furniture.

Now if we take ourselves away from decor and discover home improvement, these are some items that I fell in love with at Lowe's or Home Depot. 

No screws showing, can you say elegant. 

Let's not forget about those doorbells. The one in the middle stole my heart. I bet you are thinking who really cares about how your doorbell looks? Well I do if that counts for anything.

And now let's look at some floors. I am a sucker for dark wood floors. They may require you to clean them everyday because dirt is more noticeable, but it is worth the work to me.

I like all of these in the right column. Not sure how dark I would want my floors though since I don't want them to end up looking black.

And of course the middle one got me. I'm not sure whether I like the big boards or the small yet. I guess whichever one is the cheapest will float my boat.

Are you starting to see what kind of taste I have? I'm slowly getting there, but the one thing I do know is that I love me some dark floors! I feel as if they make the walls pop and everything else pops with it as long as you are paring it with the right things. 

At least looking now will help me decide what I want in my house whether it be new construction or an older home. Right now I'm looking at older homes because I want to make it my own.