Order Up!

We got a package in! Can you guess what room or what it is? If you been on my Facebook, you will notice that I posted a picture as a hint. Here it is if you didn't see it:

Do you have an idea or are you still lost? Not much of a hint is it?

Here's another hint: This room is #1 on my Popular Posts & the object is an art piece. Did that give you the answer, if not then here is your answer:

Last week, I ordered it for Kirkland's since they had a 15% off sale going on online. It would've been awesome if this item was in the store, but $4.95 S&H is less than riding to Augusta to get it myself. The picture cost ~$13 but with S&H the total came to $17.27 with the 15% discount. So i saved $1.95 on this item. 

I hung it up with these world famous command strips. Put one on each side and one at the bottom. It saves a lot of time, but if you picture is heavier than 4 pound per set, you might want to just hang it up with some nails.  

It looks smaller in the pictures than it does actually looking at it. I plan to add something underneath it so that the wall won't look so blank. I also have two other walls to decorate on down the line.

And here's our check off list again:

Paint it the same color as Bianca's room but add an accent wall behind washer and dryer
Make a counter top to go over washer and dryer like the one here 
Add a rug
Hang some art
Hide the trash can or make it not an eye sore
Spread washer and dryer apart and add storage in between
Paint baseboards and trim over
Paint/clean doors

We will say that this room is 73% complete.

If you want to see what else we have planned with this room, view the mood board breakdown.