I think I need another vacation after this week of work and it's not even over with!!! Besides from that, let's check out my unfinished project that I started.

Isn't she beautiful? You laughed too, yeah, that's exactly why she is getting covered up. If you remember, in MAY, I was supposed to cover her but that didn't happen as planned. (I'm starting to realize I'm not a planner, just a doer, when it comes to these things) 

Now that i'm slowly getting back on track, I was able to get started. I won't go into details now because I'm still trying to figure out how I will carry out the project. Since I decided not to go the cardboard route or plywood, it's harder than what I thought it would be. Here it is today:

Still have a lot of tightening to do and still have to figure out what kind of fabric I want since the one I picked out didn't go with my bedspread right now. I'm really considering getting me a white duvet so that I won't have to be so limited.

I used to duct tape to hold it together for now... which means it's not a permanent solution. Just seeing if it it will hold up. I think right now it is, but I haven't checked on it since Monday night. So yeah...

If anyone has any solutions please let me know! In the meantime, you are probably wondering why the title of the post is what it is. That's because I did use a tool while doing this. I tried to put cardboard on one side of the headboard and staple it, but I think I need cardboard on the inside and outer for it to latch on. Here's my handy dandy tool:
I know, nothing special but I plan to put her to use on some projects later on down the line. I thought of buying the electric stapler but I decided to start off simple and then build my way up. I seen a lot of tools that I would love to have that I seen at Walmart. I always thought that these tools would cost me an arm and a leg, but I was shocked to see that they were less than I thought. Which tools am I thinking about adding to my collection? A jigsaw and a electric sander for now. I may get an actual saw later on down the line but I'll start off small first.

But back to the headboard. Until I know how to carry out this project, my wall will still be saying this:


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