Trimming it Up

It's time for some major trim work!

I never knew how much a difference painted trim can make a room or an area until now! I think I have a new favorite thing to do. Crazy right?

A fresh coat of paint on the trim can really make the room feel more appealing. You never know how dirty something looks until you actually start to paint or wipe it down. Almost every room in this house needed a fresh coat of trim, but I was only able to get to a select few. I started in Bianca's room and then found myself all over the house.

Let's start in the stairway. Here's how the side handle looked before:

And after:

 As you can see, I still haven't finished my headboard project. One day, one day.

And here's the middle railing or half wall, whatever you would like to call it.



 I still have one more railing to do and I need to repaint the baseboards.

Moving on to our biggest transformation, Bianca's room!

Here's before: (see more before pictures here)

And After:

(I also have a new project that I'm going to be working on. It's in this picture but it's not as noticeable as you think)

I also did the baseboards in this room:

And now, let's travel to the upstairs bathroom. Here's the before of the trim:

And progess:

By the way, a few months ago I discovered that a section wasn't all the way covered on the small wall in the bathroom. How I missed it? I must was wearing my glasses, but it will get recovered soon.

I'm not quite finished up there because I decided it would be a great idea to clean my sister's blinds in the bathtub, so my focus went there. But as you can but can't really see, I still have a blind on the floor that has been drying for the past three days. I'm just too lazy to put it up yet.

I also found myself doing one wall of trim in the half bathroom.



I still have a lot of more trim to do but hopefully I will get to it Monday since that was my day I randomly decided I was going to get some things done. Hopefully next week will be a full week of post for you! Until then, Hope you enjoy your weekend! I'm in Atlanta for....

NOPE, not the blogger convention that's going on, I sure do wish, but instead I'm here for a cheerleading convention. Did I forget to mention, my hobby is competitive cheerleading. I have cheered for 10 years and coached for 7! I've also cheered in college! Here's two pics for you!!

Amazing right!! I wonder should I know update my About me section. Think I'll wait until that one year mark for my blog.

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